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The whole Kanha National Park is basically divided into 8 safari zones out of which 4 are Core Safari Zone, 3 are Buffer Safari Zones and last one is in the adjoining Phen Sanctuary.
The four core buffer zone are Kanha (to the East side), Kisli (to the West side), Sarahi (to the North side) and Mukki (to the South side).
However, Sighting of tiger & other wildlife can happen in anywhere in all of eight zone, as it is not concentrated in any particular zone.
Entry Gate
There are thee entry gates  available to explore Kanha’s Wildlife.
Khatia Gate
This is the main entry gate to the west of the park, any of the 4 Core Safari Zones as well as khatia buffer zone are accessed from this gate. Since all the major resorts are near the khatia gate so it is the most widely and easily accessed gate.
So if you are planning for kanha national park from Jabalpur, Raipur, Durg or Nagpur, then you may choose to stay near this gate and do the safari entry to Khatia.
Some luxury resort like club Mahindra, Tuli Resort, Earth lodge and also some good family friendly resort like Jungle King Resort and Mogli are situated Near Khatia Gate.

Mukki Gate
This gate is the South of the park. It is also a famous entry gate, but this gate is only accessible 3 zones. 
Sarahi Gate
This gate is the north of the park. It is gate accessed only 3 core safari zones Kanha, Kisli and Sarahi. Lack of good resort and accommodation it is the least used entry gate and not most popular with tourist.
How to book Safari at Kanha National Park
The Kanha National Park is open for visitors from 1st October to 30th June with the following jungle safari timings

1. Morning Jungle Safari Timing: Sunrise to 11 am
2. Afternoon Jungle Safari Timing: 3pm to Sunset

Tip: as you can see morning jungle safari is longer duration then the evening one. However charges are same for both so try to choose morning jungle safari, but if you are visiting in the month of January, then it’s better to avoid morning safari due to icy temperature.
Each Gypsy has a capacity of max 6 people and one seat in the last row is mandatory for guide. At the beginning of each safari, you reach the gate and queue up. Here each passenger’s identity is checked (carry the same ID card that you had given at the time of booking) and a guide is assigned. After this, you enter the jungle and the fun begins!!!

Safari tickets can be booked online through the MP Government official website:
Once you are mp government forest website click 'book now' tab and then select tiger reserve. Once you select 'kanha tiger reseve' you have to choose between "Full Vehicle" and "Single Seat" permit type.

Full Vehicle Permit: the full vehicle safari permit cost INR 1500 for whole gypsy for max 6 person. Children’s under age of 5 years are not chargeable.

Single Seat Permit: If you are less than six tourist and do not mind sharing the safari with other tourist to cut down tourist costs, then thus option available. A single seat safari costs INR 250 per person.

If the permit status shown on your permit “W” it means that your permit is under waiting list and is not confirmed. If your permit waiting does not clear before 5 days of excursion date, then your permit will be cancelled automatically and an online refund has been generated.
Vehicle Hiring/ Gypsy Booking: Once you have successfully book your permit, then the safari booking done when you reach kanha national park.
Now if you book full vehicle then you need to pay full amount INR 2500 at kanha national park entry gate. However if you select single seat permit then INR 2500 will be divided in total no of person who’s are touring.
guide fee: also same counter you need to deposite guide fee INR 360.
In short, a fully gypsy cost approximately 4800 for 6 person and if gypsy is in sharing mode the cost 4800 will be divided in  no. of traveler.
You can also book the ticket in offline mode from the booking window at the entrance gate of the national park.
Late in ticket booking, don’t worry there are another option available for safari booking,
Safari Cancellation: Due to any of reason a ticket has been cancelled by any other traveler the particular ticket has been offer for other traveler by gate in-charge on some cases at same price, but this option available by luck, we don’t suggest this.

There are another way “Jungle King Resort” and some other hotel and resort offer safari booking facilities on a nominal extra charge. We advise you kindly contact the resort ‘which resort has been booked by you’ and request them for arrange your safari.

Travel Tips for Kanha Tiger Reserve

.1 Park ticket bookings should be done 120 days in advance since the park tickets are limited.
• 2. It is mandatory to carry ID cards for safaris. The ID needs to be the same as the one with which you booked your safari.
• 3. Carry binoculars, camera and a bird book to identify birds to make your trip more fruitful.
• 4. Wear comfortable walking shoes. Do check your shoes every time before wearing them to avoid scorpions and other creatures.
• 5. Carry proper woolens in winters and an effective sunscreen in summers.
• 6. Carry Hats/Caps and personal medicines (if any)
• 7. Wear muted forest colours like earthy greens or beiges and avoid perfumes and deodorants.
• 8 Water bottle
• 9. Sunscreen
• 10. Sunglasses / Shades / Glares
• 11 Umbrella/raincoat
• 12. ID proof – the same as was submitted while booking
• 13. Safari Permit Print (Hard Copy)
• 14 Afternoon shift of Jeep Safari remain close for visitors on Every Wednesday.
• 15 Morning & Afternoon both the shift remain close on Holi & Diwali festival
• 16 There is no stopping within the park except one point where you can use the public toilet.
• 17 Please make sure you carry your snacks and water bottles with you. Once you are within the park there is no getting our till you are done with the safari.
• 18 The park safari is quite dusty if you are allergic the same please avoid the safari.
• 18 Wallet and some cash there are some famous Dhaba and shop Near Safari Entry Gate.

What to wear –

1. Light colored cotton clothes (for the heat)
2. Early morning safaris and winters are quite cold and chilly. So bring a light jacket
3. Hat
4. Scarf to cover your face from the sun and the dust
5. Comfortable footwear
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