1.Mukki Safari Zone – Popular For Tiger Sighting
Mukki was the second zone that came into the set-up after Kanha Zone. It is also known to be one of the oldest safari zones in the national park and is therefore frequented by those who love the tiger. Mukki zone specially famous for tiger sighting.
2. Kisli Safari Zone – A Mystic Morning Safari To Start With
Kisli Zone was the last one to be introduced. The zone is widespread with parts of it bordering Raipur area. Kisli village is located close to the Khatia Gate also known as Kisli gate. Till 2014, this zone formed a part of Kanha Zone and after it was separated. The forest region that lies in this zone seems to be quite picturesque. 
3. Sarhi Safari Zone – The Best of Jungle Camps & Meadows
Sarhi Zone was the third one to be presented by the forest department to distribute the inflow of tourists visiting the national park area. This safari zone was established after the establishment of Kanha Zone and Mukki Zone. Since this zone is comparatively new, tourists didn’t consider coming here for safari. However, now day’s it is equally famous as the other zones.
4. Kanha Safari Zone – The Best historical spot
Kanha Safari Zone is the oldest zone of them all. Considered as the premium safari zone, Kanha’s entry fee is higher than other zones. There are a number of attractions in this zone that one must visit. It is commonly believed that Kanha got its name from the texture of the soil found there, which is locally called Kanhar.
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