Kanha National Park
Kanha Tiger Reserve, also known as Kanha–Kisli National Park, is one of the tiger reserves of India and the largest national park of the state of Madhya Pradesh.  

The Kanha National Park is blessed with a rich variety of flora and wildlife. The resort organizes various excursions like Jeep Safaris, Canter (Open Bus) Safaris, Birdwatching Tours, Photography Tours, and Nature Walks that provide guests with an opportunity to see the different animal and bird species living in the forest. We also organize Night Safaris in the nearby Buffer Zone.
Kanha and the adjacent Pench National Park are connected by the Tiger corridor. They are popular amongst wildlife photographers and enthusiasts who get ample opportunities of Royal Bengal Tiger sightings and other wild animals like Leopard, Dhole (Wild Dog),Barasingha(Swamp Deer) Indian Grey Wolf, Indian Bison (Gaur), Jackals, Sambar Deer, etc. The region is home to over 300 species of resident and migratory birds, which has made it a favorite destination among bird lovers.

Only Found at Kanha National Park
Indian Bison
Paradise Flycatcher
State Bird of M.P. found at kanha

Park is divided is four core zones kanha, kisli, mukki and sarahi
There are three different gates are available for entrance into the park known as Khatia Gate, Mukki Gate and Sarahi Gate. 
The Khatia gate is best gate for tourist. 
 Khatia gate is best accessed from Jabalpur, Raipur and Nagpur.
Nearest Railway Station- Chiraidongari

Nearest Airport- Jabalpur Airport
• Jabalpur to Khatia Gate – (-Niwas-Mandla-Chiraidongri-Kanha)
• Raipur to Khatia Gate-( Gandai - Malanjkhand - Baihar –Kanha)
• Nagpur to Khatia Gate-(Seoni-Chiradongari- Kanha)

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